Vegan by conviction, restaurateurs par consequence

H.A.N.K. "Have A Nice Karma".

Nourish your body and more…

With our restaurants, we opted for 100% vegan fare.
Our meals are a real moment of sharing, and that is what we love. Sharing flavours, values, contact info, ideas, recipes, jokes, and good moments…

Our recipes do not contain any animal-based ingredients, we cook without meat, egg, butter, milk, or honey, but WITH smoky or fresh, subtle or strong tastes, WITH love, desire, and all our hearts, WITH fresh produce processed in our own kitchen, and WITH combinations
of flavours which may surprise, dazzle, reassure or comfort you.

OUIII, that is possible! To get you excited, your cheeks to flush and your mouth to water,
we prepare our sauces, salads, and burgers in front of your curious and astonished eyes!
How good is it to eat food that suits your tastes and gathers everyone around!


Motivated and committed

We are well aware that one of the primary sources of pollution on the planet is animal agriculture
(even more significant than transport), and especially cattle raising. Hank has therefore chosen a response
which to us seems very effective. And delicious at the same time! The revolution starts in the taste buds!
No matter whether it is for ecological reasons, health, or animal ethics, we think it concerns all of us.

Pierre, the conductor of the whole veggie orchestra, Handyman Extraordinaire, and passionate about kite surfing,
rides our waves of good ideas and always has his eyes on the horizon.
Agnès juggles between kneading bread dough and recruiting new members for our cheerful team.
Julie, always with her sketch pad in hand and on the lookout for cool styles, is the one responsible
for letting us work in this beautiful environment and making our daily life more enjoyable.
Virginie works her magic in the kitchen where she creates all our recipes.
Alexandre and Cyril live in the Bahamas and occasionally send us postcards.
All these managers and artists put in all their joy, their passion, and their open spirit to serve you with a smile.