Vegan Fast food

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at Paris & Lyon


 VEGAN food


Our Restaurants

Vegan Canteen

Our burger and pizza restaurants in Paris are open each day of the week,
from noon to 10 p.m. Once you get your food, you can look forward to sinking into lush pillows in our seating area. Or you choose take-away
and we will pack a lovely little bag of yum for you.
Nothing is easier than cultivating your nice karma
here on an afternoon: Free wifi, various drinks, amazing desserts
Our beautiful team works to the tune of our happy and eclectic music selection.

We are you

Come as you are, in high heels or slippers,
tattooed, pierced, tanned, on holidays, between two meetings,
for fun, because someone told you about us, because you love it,
because you want to give it a try. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
Because we are all different, so are our vegan burgers and pizzas!

Hank restaurant interior